Friday, 24 April 2015

Why to Select WordPress for Building a Website?

When you decide to develop a website, the first thing you will think of is the Content Management System to be chosen. As there are several content management systems, deciding between them is a tough call to make for a web developer as it plays a major role in developing an efficient website. Web developers need to analyse it based on their needs and make a wise decision. Today most of the web developers choose WordPress as their content management system for developing their websites or blog because it makes the process so simple. Even a person with least technical knowledge can also build a basic website using WordPress.
Below mentioned are a few reasons to say that WordPress is the best choice:
  1. WordPress makes the development process simpler: WordPress makes the development process much simpler with its features. If you think of developing a technical blog or any news website, all that you need to do is to buy a domain, host the web and setting up the WordPress. You don’t have to involve in HTML or CSS coding. Your website will be all set after just installing a theme, required plugin and the content.
  2. Themes and plugins: WordPress has a huge repository where you can find number of free themes and plugins. You can select the required theme directly from the dashboard. Plugin is another best thing in WordPress that developers would love; if you want to add any functionality on your site like security, anti-spam, contact form, email-subscription and more, you will get a ready plugin for everything.
  3. Search engine optimization (SEO): SEO is an important thing to be considered while developing a website. If your website is not optimized properly, you will not be getting any traffic from search engines. But if your website is built using WordPress, the site will be optimized very well as there is an excellent SEO plugin called WordPress SEO. It lets you optimize the site for the search engines.
  4. Security: Security is definitely a major concern with respect to a website; you need to be concerned about the security of your blog or else it will be de-indexed within no time from the search engines. There are number of security plugins available in WordPress; you can keep your website secure by just by configuring the plugins properly.
  5. Easy customization: Genesis framework is the best theme framework available in WordPress; it lets you develop and customize your website according to your needs. You can customize each and every part of your website if you know the basics of HTML and CSS; so that you can give a unique look and feel for your website.

  6. Miscellaneous points: WordPress get updates regularly; so all the WordPress sites will remain to the latest web standards. WordPress has also got the best support system when compared to the other content management systems. So, whatever the issue may be, you will get an easy and efficient solution in WordPress.
These are a few benefits which makes the developers stick to WordPress. So if you are planning to start an online business, website or a blog, WordPress would be the best choice to go with.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Joomla CMS Development

Joomla is an innovative and gives customized CMS based solutions for clients requiring content driven websites. One of the major advantages is that it is actually easy to customize the interface and needs less maintenance, thus saving your cost from time to time. Fortune Innovations is a proficient Joomla Development Company where we focus in custom theme design and development services which takes in building and developing complex extensions or may be a social network itself. Joomla is broadly used today starting from simple website to building complex websites owing to its feature of scalability, easily manageable, reliability, flexibility, extensibility, user friendliness and compatibility with third party applications. 

Fortune Innovations gives website development service using Joomla. We strive hard to serve all the purposes needed by the client by implementing the functionalities provided by Content Management System and by delivering custom solutions as per requirement. We are a group of creative and innovative minds, which jointly can bring better services using powerful and impactful tools such as Joomla. It is due to the advanced knowledge of our development team and state-of-the-art infrastructure that have been able to deliver some user-friendly and very efficient systems. We employ specialized and professional approach to recognize the imperative needs for a successful system and cater to those functionalities.

Our Joomla development team is up-to-date with this platform and can build content management systems just as per specifications, always adding more value than what is projected. With the knowledge we have gained over the years, we are capable to build features that meet your requirements fully. We have expertise of customizing and even creating a complete new add-on/plug-in from scratch. While developing all our solutions we focus on controlling the time and the cost factor and give the most optimized CMS for our clients. 

As a fully fledged Joomla Development Company, we are offering wide range of services from Joomla template design to Website redesign. Our expert team has been involved in several projects and they even assist you reduce capital expenditures, speed up sales and leverage the power of newest technology. 

The Joomla development services that we offer comprise:
  • ·         Joomla Extensions and Customization Services
  • ·         Joomla Portal Development
  • ·         eCommerce Websites
  • ·         Custom Web Application
  • ·         Component Development
  • ·         Joomla SEO
  • ·         Module Development
  • ·         Joomla Web Hosting and Joomla Template Design
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